“Education awakens the power beauty that lie within us.”

Education does not only man academic excellence. It rather is a harmonious and synchronized combination of hand (skills like various arts), head (Intellectual Power) and hear (Value System). In the present era of digitalized world, it is the biggest challenge before educators and parents, to nurture the young minds with the indelible impressions of a holistic education.
Therefore, we come up with a vision to foster different facets of a student in order to see him/her developing as a vibrant student, responsible citizen and above all a generous and sentient human being. Our pedagogy is child centric, with emphasis on discipline, over-all growth and development of our students.
The school is hailed as a deemed institution which has carved a niche for itself, with the dedicated efforts of our deeply committed management, experienced teachers and active parents. We take immense efforts of making the child’s journey in school rich with many enjoyable learning experiences by providing them an exquisite platform to hone their creative and inter-personal skills. The school is pledged to instill the much required values in the student without compromising their temperament and questioning spirit. Notwithstanding the challenges to develop altruistic human beings with raised standards of intellect, let us become equal stakeholders in moulding our children into desirable individuals.
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  • Sh. Jaideep Bihani (President)
  • Sh. Neeraj Bihani (Vice President)
  • Sh. Deepak Pathak (Principal & Secretary)
  • Sh. Himanshu Bihani (Jt. Secretary)
  • Sh. Omprakash Bihani (Member)
  • Sh. Madhu Sudan Bihani (Member)
  • Sh. Sharad Kumar Bihani (Member)
  • Sh. Vimal Bihani (Member)
  • Sh. Satish Chander Jain (Member)
  • Smt. Ranjana Bihani (Member)
  • Smt. Savita Bihani (Member)
  • Smt. Monika Bihani (Member)
  • Smt. Sushila Falod (Member)
  • Sh. Sohan Lal Principal (BSF)
  • Sh. Krishan Kumar Principal (Center School Sadhuwali)
  • Smt. Nalini Dhingra Member (School Teacher)
  • Smt. Minakshi Jaitly Member (School Teacher)
  • Sh. Varun Maheshwari Member (Lecturer Other Deptt)
  • Smt. Mandeep Bhatia Member (Lecturer Other Deptt)
  • Smt. Anjana Sihag Member (Guardian)
  • Smt. Poonam Sharma Member (Guardian)