“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action” – Herbert Spencer.

Education is not merely acquirement of facts but also of values which help us improve the various facets of a kind. It ensures that we leave the world a far better place than we found it in.

A pivotal role of education lies in shaping the personality of a child into a healthy mind and happy soul ,who is not only equipped with 21st century skills and aptitude required for academic excellence but helping him face the challenges of life in a balanced and harmonious way.

We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to enable the child in our care to develop as a whole. The world today has cut throat competition. I believe that with the changing times, the teacher-student relationship has taken

over a new dimension. It is a relationship where the mind is without fear and both can share an understanding.

We are a school with a difference. We value individualism, creativity and innovation and strive to nurture them in our students. We have a multi-cultural student population; hence we teach children the importance of tolerance and to respect each other’s culture. Discipline, values and integrity are the very foundations of this school.

We pledge to work with every child and in this process open new vistas in the field of education.


  • Sh. Jaideep Bihani (President)
  • Sh. Om Prakash Bihani (Secretary)
  • Sh. Babulal Kothari Advocate (Trustee)
  • Sh. Satish Chander Jain Advocate (Trustee)
  • Sh. Rajender Prasad Bihani (Trustee)
  • Sh. Madhusudan Bihani (Trustee)
  • Sh. Sharad Kumar Bihani (Trustee)
  • Smt. Ranjana Bihani (Trustee)
  • Sh. Deepak Jain Advocate (Trustee)
  • Sh. Neeraj Bihani (Trustee & Joint Secretary)
  • Sh. Raghav Sharda (Trustee)
  • Sh. Mahesh Nadhani (Trustee)
  • Principal